27 July 2006

I have a quick scan of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland – I will need to try and meet some of the people there to discuss my project, to see if they can offer any advice or assistance. It would be interesting to find out if they have a mentoring scheme and whether I could apply for any funding – anything to help with the overheads would be helpful. 

The phone line for the office has been booked with Pure Telecom, so we have to wait 10 days now, and perhaps another ten days to get the broadband connected. There is no difference in the line rental rates, thanks to Eircom’s monolpoly ownership of the physical telecoms infrastructure. 

Contrast this with being able to buy a mobile phone and make calls within minutes of handing over the cash for it. If Dublin had its own city-wide wi-fi network, that worked in buildings everywhere as well as the outdoors, we would be able to use that, and save a few quid as well. 

Meanwhile, all I can do is mull over the ideas I have in mind and wait patiently. Perhaps by the time we can move in, I will have found someone to design the blog.


2 Responses to “27 July 2006”

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