From Dublin to Paris Hilton

After a busy day in Dublin, and against my better judgement, I go ahead and register a free WordPress blog. Despite being unable to upload a logo – my artistic skills being somewhat limited to adding the word ‘4Basra’ to a banner made up of some photos – I begin posting the diary entries I have been keeping in a word document. 

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton is in the news for not knowing what Tony Blair looks like.

Lucky girl, to be so busy that she has managed to ignore his tired, greying persona grinning out from press and TV photos. 

She boasted of making more money – $200 million – than Jennifer Lopez, who only earned $150m last year, adding that she gets paid half a million dollars to go to a party in Japan or Las Vegas and wave at crowds. More recently she travelled to Austria, where she was paid a million dollars just to wave at a crowd of people there. 

Her lack of modesty knowing no bounds, she also revealed that she would like to be compared to Marilyn Monroe mixed with the late Princess Diana, who was a ‘strong and beautiful woman,’ she added. 

As the zeros on the end of her bank balance accumulate, Paris might remember how Diana was also renowned for her charity work.

If she would like some good PR and to support a good cause, 4Basra will gladly make her an ambassador.


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