Entrepreneurial Encouragement

The weekend newspapers offered some encouraging news.  

In northern Iraq – 400 miles north of Baghdad, the city of Sulimaniyah thrives peacefully, according to The Mail on Sunday. 

Having suffered at the hands of Saddam Hussein back in the late eighties, five million Kurds live here in an area the size of Switzerland, sharing the territory with Turkmen, Assyrians and Christians.

Sheer determination and tolerance, it would seem, can defeat violence.

In other news, Virgin founder Richard Branson is planning to devote more of his time to social entrepreneurship. Along with the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, it is encouraging to know that role models like Branson realise that their wisdom, experience, drive and ideas can contribute to improving lives through work that is not solely governed by the bottom line. 

I wonder if we will see Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary championing a charitable cause any time soon? 

And finally, on the subject of Irish entrepreneurs, I wonder if James Hyland – whose new TV music channel, Bubble Hits was launched recently – could be persuaded to turning his hand to something charitable?


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