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Plenty Still To Do

28 September, 2006

Although I had a few minutes spare to write about the radio show yesterday, during the previous fortnight or so a fault with my laptop meant I was offline recently for the best part of a week. I was also busy getting getting desks for the office.

Thanks to BMS in Walkinstown for fixing my laptop and fitting a new keyboard.

I managed to assemble one of the desks kindly donated on The other one came without instructions and is still in pieces. The owner also threw in an old computer, which probably needs a new keyboard and mouse. 

My thanks to Feroz Basir from Lucan and Gerard Cregan from Blackrock. 

Trip to Vienna 

Aer Lingus recently had a three day low fares offer, so I’ll be spending a few days in Vienna next month to meet with Dr Hobiger and two fathers and their sons from Iraq who travelled to Austria for cancer treatment. 

I hope to generate some publicity from this with interviews and photos. Rageh Omaar’s second article on the NGO situation in Iraq was quite interesting, so it would be great if I could expand on the detail somehow.

A little done, plenty still to do 

In the meantime, one of my volunteers might have our first sponsor lined up if we can organise a photography trip to Basra. Whether this will actually be possible is still a matter for discussion, but as always I think it is important to aim high.  

The new website is waiting to go online – I desperately need a logo to go on it, which is a job for another volunteer whose email arrived nearly two weeks ago, and to whom I must apologise for the delay in responding. 

Medicines still need to be bought and one or two potential donors still need to be approached, not to mention my lofty intention to canvass the universities for one or two PR, media or journalism student volunteers. 

Due to the worsening security situation in Basra, the final paragraph of this post has been removed.


Social Entrepreneurship discussion: RTE Radio 1

27 September, 2006

As I write here in damp Dublin, there is a discussion about social entrepreneurship the Today Show with Pat Kenny on RTE Radio 1.

One of the guests was Seán Coughlan of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, who mentioned their awards ceremony, which is taking place this evening in The Morrison Hotel in Dublin.


10 September, 2006

The past week or so has been very busy, so apologies to anyone who visited, expecting to see an update.

Last week took me to London for a writing assignment, and I have also had other business diverting my attentions momentarily. Rest assured that as soon as I have a desk to work at – this should be in the next few days – I will catch up on things, particularly with regard to the medicines we need to source.

My shared office in Dublin is now ready to move into – the phone line and broadband are now working, and it is great to have everything finally ready.

Since the room is bare, apart from a bin and a set of shelves – oh, and now a broadband router – naturally the next step is to furnish it. After posting on last night, I have already had a number of replies, and one of these mentions plenty of desks, drawers, chairs and PC monitors.

The BBC’s Rageh Omaar has written recently about Iraq for the New Statesman, and I might contact him about this project.

I also met with a multi-talented volunteer, who was bursting with ideas and who I hope will be a great asset to the project. Initially it is important to design a logo, and then my other blog design volunteer, who is also keen and enthusiastic, will be able to transfer this blog to our new domain at

The next few weeks should be both busy and interesting.