The past week or so has been very busy, so apologies to anyone who visited, expecting to see an update.

Last week took me to London for a writing assignment, and I have also had other business diverting my attentions momentarily. Rest assured that as soon as I have a desk to work at – this should be in the next few days – I will catch up on things, particularly with regard to the medicines we need to source.

My shared office in Dublin is now ready to move into – the phone line and broadband are now working, and it is great to have everything finally ready.

Since the room is bare, apart from a bin and a set of shelves – oh, and now a broadband router – naturally the next step is to furnish it. After posting on last night, I have already had a number of replies, and one of these mentions plenty of desks, drawers, chairs and PC monitors.

The BBC’s Rageh Omaar has written recently about Iraq for the New Statesman, and I might contact him about this project.

I also met with a multi-talented volunteer, who was bursting with ideas and who I hope will be a great asset to the project. Initially it is important to design a logo, and then my other blog design volunteer, who is also keen and enthusiastic, will be able to transfer this blog to our new domain at

The next few weeks should be both busy and interesting.


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