About 4Basra

4Basra is a social entrepreneurship project, in partnership with a small European NGO which supports a children’s hospital in the Iraqi city of Basra.

A team of five volunteers are now working together and will share out work according to an agreed strategy.

Key tasks being undertaken at the moment include PR and publicity work, fundraising and sourcing donations or low-cost supplies of essential medicines.

4Basra is run by John Reynolds, a part-time freelance journalist based in Dublin, Ireland.

John is also experienced in sourcing, procurement and business development in the mobile telecoms sector across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He hopes to apply these skills in helping source a number of medicines and supplies for the hospital.

Further down the line, the following tasks will be necessary, in no particular order:

  • Establish contact with other bloggers to develop links
  • Generate PR and press coverage for the project
  • Implement fundraising ideas (still at the ideas stage at the moment)
  • Approach corporate donors and others who have an interest in, or links with Iraq
  • Find a construction partner to refurbish essential hospital units

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