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Telecom Or Telecon?

24 August, 2006

Airtalk and Telestunt, your service does not work from either my Meteor prepay or my O2 contract mobile.

When I expected to be connected to a couple of international numbers, I was told ‘calls to this number are not allowed,’ or words to that effect.

Perhaps the good people at Comreg and the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland might look into the matter.

This is particularly timely given the government are currently drawing up new consumer protection legislation and establishing a National Consumer Protection Agency.

If these small companies want anyone to use their service, they might begin by making sure the service which they claim to offer actually works.

Given the fact that they still have a monopoly on new line connections, and that they cannot exactly make the excuse that ‘we are only a small company,’ Eircom are no better.

Our new office line, which we had been told was activated, has a fault on it. Secondly, they made a mistake when they notified me of our new number, getting a digit wrong.

What if I had spent hundreds or even thousands of euros on advertising and getting new business cards printed featuring the incorrect number?

While I wait for the landline fault to be fixed, and the broadband to be activated, I will be putting my complaint to Eircom in writing and looking forward to using VOIP.