Volunteer with 4Basra

Please see my volunteer recruitment ad on Activelink.ie


2 Responses to “Volunteer with 4Basra”

  1. beverley Says:

    I am a undergraduate student of criminology and psychology.
    I have a proficient understanding of social conditions and the comminication systems of a global world.

    i am 45 years old and i have cynical view of the political detriments of war.

    I can have the emotive semantics and discourse abilities that is needed to shake the middle classes out of their comform zone.
    My son has gone to Basra, his wife is working in an ophanage in sweden. i am a sencond generation passivist, brought up in the vientnam war.

    freedom is a perception that is only available to consenting adult. the children blown apart by smart bombs that were bought by funds from western commece are hyppocrocy. The commerce of war is dispicable, and offends all morall pricipal of retribution, restoration, and justification.

  2. John Reynolds Says:


    Thanks for your insightful comment.

    Can I ask in what capacity has your son gone to Basra? Is he in the army?

    If you’d like to volunteer in some capacity, you’d be very welcome to help out as a virtual volunteer with internet research and to help with the website.

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